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PPC Google Adwords: is it worth it?

There is much scare-mongering when it comes to businesses thinking of using paid search marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click). Will you see a good ROI? How does the bidding system work? And then there’s loads of confusing jargon to get your head around. Is Conversion better than CTR? Is Broad Match the best direction for your company’s Adwords campaign? At Letsweb we are Google accredited, which makes us the ideal PPC consultancy to help your business’s success online and we won’t bombard you with buzzwords and acronyms. We’ll just make your keywords’ bids be worth every pound you invest as you watch your sales/conversions reach new heights!

Pay Per Click Management from Birmingham’s Letsweb

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We will be with you every step of the way as we hone your Adwords’ campaigns through testing and reporting. No more frustration from seeing your main competitors at the top of Google search pages – you’ll be keeping them company from now on and beating their sales with well-placed keywords and useful Advert extensions.

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