Website Management Packages

Management solutions to lift-up your digital profile.

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Keeping your site healthy: maximizing your business’s drive and revenue in the online world.

Our  Website Management Packages start from £24.99 per month and give you peace of mind that your website is in great shape. Letsweb is renowned for its customer-focused attitude and we have various options tailored to your needs. To complement your new website and management package we can also give you off-page strategies through link building and social media agency services (see below).

Our Management Packages:

Web Manager

Monthly back-up: All great ideas have a contingency and your website is no different. Back-ups make sure that all of your website is easily retrievable if the worst should happen.

 Monthly updates: We use WordPress as a platform to build your website and they strive to keep on top of any online security threat. Over 20% of all websites are built with WordPress, so they’re definitely the leader in their game.

 Up to 30mins of amends to your site per month: this includes new images, videos and text.* 

SEO Manager

Keeps your search ranking high
Includes: Web Manager Pack

 Monthly Strategy Update: It’s great to be top of the searches but staying there is the real challenge! We will look into your site’s performance and advise you on any changes that will help your ranking further. We can then implement these for you.* 

 Monthly SEO report: We will report on how healthy your website is keyword-wise and how your social media and blogging is performing with the keywords to drive more traffic your way.

E Manager

Hassle-free e-shop management
Includes: Web Manager Pack, SEO Manager Pack

 Product Amends: New line on the horizon? Seasonal offer about to kick in? We’re ready and waiting to help you maximise your sales and profits. Just sit back and let your site do the hard work.* 

A Social Media Agency Bringing You More Business

Complimentary Social Media Boost, Anyone?

Love it or hate it social media seems to be here to stay, because if there’s one thing that we humans are good at it’s being nosey! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are the virtual garden fence we’re always tempted to look over. For the business owner online these platforms are an invaluable way to connect with your customers new and old, keeping them interested in your latest line of products or services. Letsweb can get your new website off to a flying start with our already well-established social media presence. Every new site we develop we Tweet, Pin and Post about it on the major players of the social media world, getting you noticed straight-away; how many social media agencies will do that for your business? And it doesn’t stop there…


Social Media Management

Want us to manage your social media campaign? Need advice on Tweet scheduling or how to advertise on Facebook? Letsweb knows how powerful social media can be and which platforms are best suited to your business and its services. Call Birmingham’s social media specialists and prevent wasted time and expenditure on what can be a daunting side to online business.

*If the work to be carried out looks to exceed the time allocated then we will advise you of this as there may be an extra charge.