Terms and Conditions

Overview of Service for Web Design, Search Engine Optimised Content:

  1. By ordering the Service, the Customer agrees that the Service Start Date is the date that the Contract begins.

Set Up

  • The Set  Up  will  be  based  on  requirements captured  during  the  initial  order  conversation with  a  sales  representative  and the consultation  appointment  set  out  in  Additional charges will be applied if  the  Customer  requests  additional  pages  or supplemental features  available  as part  of  this Service.
  • A minimum deposit of £50 or 10% of a Premium or above website will be required after the Customer has approved their site’s mock up image. The Customer will be requested to approve all design mock-ups  within  two  (2)  Working  Days or  within  the  timescales  provided  to  the Customer.  The  Customer  agrees  to  provide  LETSWEB LTD  with  the  necessary  access  to  the  Customer’s  Website  (including usernames and passwords) that it reasonably requires to perform its obligations under the Contract. If  the  Customer  does  not respond to the request for approval  within the agreed  timescale,  or  does  not  advise  LETSWEB LTD  that  it  does not  approve  the  design  mock-up,  LETSWEB LTD  will  with-hold the site build until given the go ahead and deposit by the Customer.
  • SEO – The Customer  agrees  to  provide  LETSWEB LTD  with  the  necessary  access  to  the  Customer’s  Website  (including usernames and passwords) that it reasonably requires to perform its obligations under the Contract including, in particular, any obligations that it agrees to perform under the SEO strategy. Where it is necessary to carry out SEO Strategy, the Customer agrees to permit LETSWEB LTD to upload additional code to the Customer’s Website. Where links to other websites are included on the Customer’s Website, the Customer acknowledges that the use of such websites may be subject to the acceptance of, and compliance with, the terms and conditions of the website provider.  The  Customer  acknowledges  and  accepts  that  compliance  with  these  terms  and conditions is its responsibility alone. Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that compliance with all applicable legislation is also its sole responsibility. Customers  can  opt  for  LETSWEB LTD  to  implement  Google  Analytics  (GA)  code  on  the  Customer  Implementation  of  GA  code  is  only  available  where  the  Customer  allows  LETSWEB LTD  access  to  the  Customer’s Website code in order to upload or modify pages on the Customer’s Website. The Customer also acknowledges and accepts that the use of third-party services, including Google Analytics or  Social  Networking  sites,  will  be  governed  by  the  policies,  terms  and  conditions  applicable  to  it  (as  such policies, terms and conditions may change from time to time).  Where necessary in order to deliver the SEO strategy, the Customer also grants LETSWEB LTD permission to act as their representative in using these services.

Post Set Up

  • On completion of the Set Up phase, LETSWEB LTD will host the Customer website, email accounts and register an available Domain Name.

2 Service Support

2.2   Customer support is available at support@letswebgfx.com



3.1   When ordering the Service the Customer must provide LETSWEB LTD with accurate and up to date information.

3.2   The  Customer  will  nominate  a  representative who  has  appropriate  knowledge  and  authority to  discuss  and  implement  the  Customer’s website needs.

3.3   Whilst  LETSWEB LTD  will  use  reasonable  efforts  to  make sure  that  backup  copies  of  the  Customer’s website and all data contained on  it are made at  reasonable  intervals,  LETSWEB LTD will not be liable for any damages, loss, costs or other expenses arising out of or for any loss of data by the Customer which is due to the Customer’s or LETSWEB LTD’s failure to back up the data. Letsweb Ltd cannot be held responsible for any security or performance issues that may arise due changes made by the customer or a third party.

3.4   The  Customer  acknowledges  that  where  it requests  LETSWEB LTD  to  include  in  its  website  links  to other  websites,  LETSWEB LTD  will  not  make  any independent  enquiry  into  these  links  and  that the  use  of  these  links  (including  their availability) is at the Customer’s sole risk. The Customer  confirms  that  the  creation  of  these links  is authorised by the owner/operator  of the  linked  website  and  that  the  linked  website complies with the terms of their Contract.

3.5   Where  links  to  other  websites  are  included  on the  Customer’s  website  (including  links  to websites  such  as  PayPal),  the  Customer acknowledges  that  the  use  of  such  websites may  be  subject  to  the  acceptance  of,  and compliance  with,  the  terms  and  conditions  of the  website  provider.  The  Customer acknowledges  and  accepts  that  compliance with  these  terms  and  conditions  is  its responsibility  alone  and  that  in  respect  of payments,  LETSWEB LTD  does  not  act  as  a  payment services  provider  or  any  other  intermediary  in respect  of  any  payments  that  the  Customer accepts.

3.6 By  purchasing  the  Service  the  Customer agrees that they are authorised to provide, and that  they  grant  LETSWEB LTD  permission,  to  display  all Customer Content (including logos, photos and images)  forming  part  of  their  website.  The Customer  must  ensure  that  their  website complies  with  all  applicable  laws,  regulations, codes  of  practice,  guidelines  and  standards applicable to them and/or their business.

3.7   When  a  Customer  is  providing  Customer Content  for  their  website,  the  Customer  must ensure  that  they  have  legal  permission  to  do so.

3.8   LETSWEB LTD provided images are only for use on the website.  If the Service is ceased, the right to use any Content is terminated.

3.9   While LETSWEB LTD will endeavour to improve the position of  the  Customer’s  website  in  Internet  Search Engine  results in response to a search request, the  exact  ranking  of  the  Customer’s  website depends  on  a  multitude  of  factors  outside  of LETSWEB LTD’s  and  the  Customer’s  control,  such  as  the Internet  Search  Engine  algorithm,  the  Internet Search  Engine  optimisation  activity  of  the Customer’s competitors etc. Whilst LETSWEB LTD’s search engine  optimisation  methodology  ensures  that the  Customer’s  website  can  be  easily  read  by search engines, LETSWEB LTD cannot guarantee a ranking on Internet Search Engines.

3.10   All LETSWEB LTD’s designs are based on best practice and whilst  it  is  possible  to  individually  define  most aspects  of  the  design  (font,  colour  scheme, layout,  header  design),  there  are  limitations. LETSWEB LTD’s will be able to advise the Customer if their ideas and preferences cannot be implemented.

3.11   Changes  to  the  layout,  content  and  design  of the  website  will  only  be  made  by  LETSWEB LTD  once consent has been received by the Customer. An additional cost will be agreed on with the Customer if the work does not conform to monthly management package timescale.

3.12   Some  of  the  Product  Features  are  reliant  on third  party  providers,  for  example  Google  or Facebook. The Customer acknowledges that (I) LETSWEB LTD  may  not  be  able  to  provide  a  particular Product Feature where the Customer does not meet  the  relevant  criteria  of  that  third  party provider;  (ii)  LETSWEB LTD  does  not  have  any  control  or exercise  influence  over  the  third  party provider’s  own  services;  and  (iii)  a  third  party provider’s  service  may  cease  or  change  from time to time. The Customer acknowledges that such  events  are  beyond  LETSWEB LTD’s  control  and agrees that such an event will not permit them to terminate  the Service, nor will LETSWEB LTD have any liability  to  the  Customer  for  the  impacts  that these may have.

3.13   Content  –  LETSWEB LTD  will  provide  website  copy – if the Customer is not supplying it themselves – designed  to  incorporate  business  activity  and location  terms  in  line  with  LETSWEB LTD’s  search  engine optimisation  methodology.  It  is  the  Customer’s responsibility  to  provide  LETSWEB LTD  with  the  keywords and key phrases for which the Customer would like  their  website  to  be  optimised – advice will be given accordingly by Letsweb Ltd.  LETSWEB LTD will design the website for the Customer based on the Design Consultation, using LETSWEB LTD’s resources and experience in creating websites for the Customer’s business type and featuring, where provided, Customer Content.  It  is  the Customer’s  responsibility  to  advise  LETSWEB LTD  of anything  they  specifically  want  to  mention  on their  website.  If  the  Customer  has  clear preferences  regarding  the  type  and  style  of website  content  it  is  the  Customer’s responsibility to express these during the initial consultation.

3.14   Search Engine Submission – the Customer’s website will be submitted to designate Search Engines.

3.15   Search  Engine  Optimisation  –  the Customer’s  website  will  be optimised  to  be  analysed  by  Internet  Search Engines and submitted to Google Webmaster’s Tools if this is part of the web design package.

3.16 Hosting – LETSWEB LTD will host the website for the Customer. The first year of hosting is free then an annual payment will need to be made by the customer. Transferring hosting from another provider may incur additional costs and may delay the website build.

3.17   Email – Where agreed LETSWEB LTD will set up email accounts for the Customer. If the amount of accounts to be set up goes beyond the monthly management package timescale then an additional fee will be discussed then implemented.

3.18 Monthly review – LETSWEB LTD will offer the Customer a monthly review and management package. The  review  could include:  review  of  website  goals,  analysis  of  current  traffic/conversion,  suggested  updates and  changes  and  any  other  web  presence related activities that LETSWEB LTD considers appropriate. The management package will include any security updates and full back-up of the Customer’s site. Letsweb Ltd cannot be held responsible for any security or performance issues that may arise due changes made by the customer or a third party. If the amount of work goes beyond the monthly management package timescale – please see web design details – then an additional fee will be discussed then implemented.

Sign-off of the Website

3.19   Before the Customer’s website is published on the Internet, the Customer will be asked to approve the finished website and full payment will be requested in the form of an invoice. The site will not go live until full payment has been received or a form of payment (instalments) has been agreed between the Customer and Letsweb Ltd.

4 Cancellation and Termination Charges

4.1   If the Order is cancelled within five (5) Working Days from the order date no cancellation charges will apply. If the Order  is  cancelled  more  than  five  (5) Working Days  from  the  order  date  LETSWEB LTD  may  invoice  the Customer the set up Charges for the Service.

5 Additional Conditions

Domain Name

5.1   A domain  name  will be provided as part of the Service  in  accordance  with  the  domain  name terms  and  conditions.  Customers can choose from available extensions each having different costs that will be agreed before purchase. Transferring a domain from another provider may incur additional costs and may delay the website build.

Limits of Liability

5.2 LETSWEB LTD’s  liability  for  errors  or  omissions  in  the provision  of  the  Service  is  limited  to undertaking  such  work  as  is  necessary  to correct such error or omission. LETSWEB LTD will only be liable  to  perform  such  corrective  work  if  the error  or  omissions  are  in  those  parts  of  the Service  that  it  is  responsible  for  providing  and are  not  as  a  result  of  information  provided  by the Customer.

Letsweb Ltd is not liable for:

(a)   Any alteration to the Customer website caused by a third party or the Customer themselves   (including but not limited to additions, modifications, security or deletions);

(b)   the  availability  or  accuracy  of  third party  websites  or  resources  to  which the Customer may be linked; or

(c)   the content, advertising, or products on or available from third party websites or resources and the Customer’s own content.


6.1 Charges means the list of charges set out in the Quotation.

6.2 Customer Content means applications, data, information (including emails), video, graphics, sound, music, photographs, software or any other material provided by the Customer to LETSWEB LTD.

6.3 Quotation means  the  quotation provided  to  the Customer  that  sets out both  the  Set  Up  project to be undertaken by LETSWEB LTD and  the  associated Charges.

6.4 Sign Off means  the  confirmation by  the  Customer  that the  delivered Website is  in  accordance  with the  initial  sales consultation and the Quotation  and the design consultations.

Direct Debit Guarantee

Please note failure to pay your invoice on time will result in a Late Payment Charge. LETSWEB LTD reserves the right to undertake a credit reference of its Customers. Customers agree to provide LETSWEB LTD with any further information LETSWEB LTD may reasonably require for this. If a Customer fails to pass the credit reference, then LETSWEB LTD reserves the right to terminate the Contract on giving the Customer 7 days’ notice in writing. A copy of the Direct Debit Guarantee for your information is below.

The Direct Debit Guarantee

  • This Guarantee is offered by all Banks and Building Societies that take part in the Direct Debit Scheme.
  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, either by us, by your Bank or Building Society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund from your bank branch. Simply contact your Bank or Building Society to arrange a refund, or if you prefer contact (LETSWEB LTD) and they shall arrange to repay you direct.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your Bank, Building Society or us. Written confirmation may be required.
  • If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit (LETSWEB LTD) will notify you in advance of your account being debited, this will be 10 working days or as otherwise agreed.
  • If you request us to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.

If your payment is not received on time, a Late Payment Charge will apply as detailed in our terms and conditions.

I hereby apply to LETSWEB LTD on behalf of the Customer for provision of the Services, agree to pay for the Services and accept LETSWEB LTD‘s Conditions of Contract, including any Schedules all as set out in this Quotation which are incorporated in this Contract.